Outshined – Overthrown

After a 20 year hiatus, my high school band decided to get together and re-record one of our old tunes. This song was a blast to put together and aptly captures our collective love of grunge rock.

Upstream Color – Oblivion EP

Tyler’s new EP adopts a heavier rock sound than his previous releases, drawing on influences like Tool, Muse, and Queens of the Stone Age. The riffs in these songs are massive so the primary production challenge was making sure everything else came together to complement them.

The Sanitizers – Kiss Me, I’m Vaccinated EP

This is the EP from the pandemic supergroup, The Sanitizers. I mixed the title track and EE-NO-CU-LA-SHON! It’s currently available on vinyl through Bandcamp. Pick it up!

Badniks – Amaze Your Friends

This is the first Badniks EP, which we initially released in 2012. We recorded it in various locations around Toronto. I really miss making music with James and Donal, but we have plans to get back to it (perhaps in the form of a bonus track on our remastered second EP!).

I remastered this album in the fall of 2021.

Upstream Color – Wake

This is the first single from Tyler’s upcoming album. In many ways, this song has it all. A chorus that stays with you, lyrics with depth, and a drawn out, psychedelic guitar solo section. As always, it was a privilege to work with Tyler and be given the opportunity to contribute to his music.